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Figure 1: Whole-brain imaging of rat neuronal morphology with Golgi staining.

A series of mechanical translation stages are mounted on a marble tabletop to move with a specimen in three directions. The knife and optical system are stationary. When the system is working, ribbons are imaged on the rake face of the diamond tool.(A) A sagittal image of a 200-μm-thickness projection from a whole-brain imaging dataset acquired by MOST method (Li et al., 2010). Arrowheads in different colors in (A) indicate individual neurons. (B) Pyramidal neuron in somato motor cortex (green in (A)); (C) Pyramidal neuron in anterior olfactory nucleus of olfactory bulb (blue); (D) Interneuron in glomerular layer of olfactory bulb (orange); (E) Purkinje cell in cerebellum (brown).
Refer to: http://vbn.org.cn/2D/id3.html